Diesel Generator Repair Service

• Proactive maintenance management
• Assured response, resolution and availability levels
• 95% uptime anywhere in Mumbai, Navi mumbai
• One Point Contact for service & Focused key account management
• Value-added services– energy audits, harmonic analysis and complete health check-up Annual / halfyearly MIS Management Information System / Service Level Agreement and DG set-up time.
• Visit Based Contracts: Contract covers predefined number of visits, parts, labor charges and is provided as and when demanded by the customer.
• Schedule Maintenance Contracts: For defined jobs such as B and C checks at manufacturers recommended intervals at predefined rates.
• Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts: We are responsible of preventive maintenance, minor spares, consumables, labor and minor repairs.
• Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts: We are responsible of preventive maintenance, minor spares, consumables, labor and minor repairs.
• Operations / Escorting Maintenance Contracts: we provide manpower for operating engines/ generators as per customer requirement.
• Customized Contracts: Tailor-made as per requirement of customer which can also be a combination of any of the above contract models.
• One Time Job: We provide following jobs on one-time basis or even as part of the above stated contract models.
   – All Check(Bcheck , C-check & D-Check)
   – Acoustic Enclosure o Radiator Cleaning
   – Fuel tank Cleaning
   – Alternator Greasing

• Clarity of service roles and responsibilities.

Scheduled Checks

Cooling System
Radiator air restriction, hoses, connections, fluid concentration, belts and louver operation

Air Intake System
Check for leaks, holes and loose connections

Fuel System
Fuel levels and pump

Exhaust System
Check for leaks, restrictions and flush condensation cap

Electrical system
Review meters and battery fluid
Recharge if needed
Annual, semi-annual and quarterly checks

Maintenance (500hrs or 6months , whichever comes earlier)
Change oil, filters

Engine Not Running Check
Review and evaluate:

  • Electrical
  • Oil and coolant levels
  • Leaks, holes and connections

Battery and charger (semi-annual)

  • Load, acid and specific gravity
  • Corrosion cleaned
  • Charger output (adjust if necessary)

Fuel System

• Leaks, water, sediment checks
• Day tank – float switch pump
• Governor linkage
• Coolant system (check only)
• Antifreeze, radiator and cap
• Leaks, hoses, belts and tension
• Intake and exhaust (check only)
• Air cleaner, turbocharger, muffler and traps
• Leaks

• Breather, flex pipe, rain cap
• Generator
• Diodes, end bearing, brushes and folder
• A.C. wiring, exciter stator, over speed switch
• Engine running
• Record A.C. output
• Frequency
• Amps under load
• Instruct owner


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